I feel like Mermaid in Sky

I feel like Mermaid in Sky

……It is difficult to live as a mermaid in the sky.

 It is difficult to squished your pride and pronounce and admit to all I am sick.
 Very hard ...

Living at the bottom is hard and that living looks like: when a flower vegetate and waits it`s time for dying to come.
The spring was coming and my desire for life grew. Thanks to my sister, I scheduled one more detailed examination in a private clinic, where I was explained about the seriousness of the disease and care required for the same.
I started thinking to find somehow a way, to establish a contact with other patients and find out, which is the possibility to get essential medicines, at least cheaper.
I can`t work with PH illness, and I am without incomes. To get a pension is a long way. 
You should pass through 3(three) commissions, with bunch of documents, chronologically. One disability pension in the Republic of Macedonia is a 50-100 euro.
Despite the recommendations of my cardiologists, that the disease is permanent disability!
I made my own story, to capture the people how I feel.

I am Mermaid in Sky.
Once upon a time I was a woman.
Woman who was walking, climbing, singing, dancing…
Later came some bad horror weather I became mermaid.
Now, I`m mermaid.
The mermaid in the sky, I can`t walk any more, I can`t breathe anymore, because I need the sea.
I live in the sky. I`ll die if I don`t find the sea, that is my home now.
I need  oxygen .
Please give me the oxygen to live like a woman,
not lake a rare mermaid who is in the sky breathless.

Through online and through pictures, songs and positive thoughts I want to inform the people about about the Pulmonary Hypertension.
Now I have you and my dear friends, my hope is greater.

May God bless all people who help me to be alive.
Thank you to PH comunity ,.
Thank you to PH Europe.
Thank you to all facebook friends who have same struggle as me.
Now I am five year PH warrior .