Handball players BREATHLESS FOR PH

Association for patients with pulmonary hypertension the campaign for raise the public awareness of existence of the rare diseases and pulmonary hypertension which is a chronic progressive incurable disease of the lungs and heart will mark with several activities throughout the course of May.

Although sometimes the desire for a "normal life '' (which is deprived because of the illness of these people) is too big they cannot have a healthy life, but it can be qualitative, if adjusted to the capabilities.In the spirit of sport and adrenaline euphoria after the race of 5 km players of Vardar and Metalurg proved to be worthy opponents and supporters of the rare diseases and PH.

The hosts and guests in branded shirts of PH launched and supported the campaign REMAIN BREATHLESS FOR THE INDIVIUDALS WITH PH on11.05.017, and the association was the guest of the hosts. Also as a sign appreciation for the given support the president of the Association Gjurgjica has delivered Certificates of Appreciation to the teams.

We witnessed fighting and energetic game with a lot of points and result which although brought Vardar another victory in this match winners were all who generously and proudly donned primarily the shirt of Pulmonary hypertension.
Although Vardar scored the first goal, a point plus which we noticed was a hug with the support and appreciation from Stojanche Stoilov and Philip Kuzmanovsky, hug and  a PH t-shirt as a gift to the audience from Timur Dibirov, most sincere applause from Arpad Sterbik. 

And certainly the thunderous shouting of the  Komitas who welcomed the coming out of Gjurgjica to the ground and all the team members of Vardar and Metalurg and the audience.