PH Angels

Angel without wings, came and went, You went to eternity and left the breathless days.  Went where angels live and I hope in the eternity has soothe your tortured soul. You left on this day, where there is no return and left a legacy to us who stayed to fight for every breath.

We sent three of You today, this day We dedicate to you even though you're not with us you will always be in our fragile hearts. We couldn’t save you, or help you more, but we can remember your struggle for life and as a dumb witness to continue the paths for a better morning.

A remembrance will remain, we were fighters in the same struggle, we lost battles they broke us but in your name and for those who remain and live life as saplings let’s make a better morning.

 My friends our PH Angels you flew away, you left, you lost the battle for breath, but we will not forget on You. Today, one year from the last battle, and every year a new battle and life without You.

                                        STAY AT THE STARS AND TAKE CARE OF US