Living with pulmonary hypertension/Need of combo therapy

Living with pulmonary hypertension

This is Gjurgjica Kjaeva 37 year old mother, a fighter in her world of rare disease Primary Pulmonary Hypertension. In 2012 while working Get Breathless without any reason. This is Gjurgjica when she was healthy and full of life and desire to succeed be a good wife, mother, businesswoman Graphic Design exhibition::

But just for one day everything changes. Today she is struggling for breath, for life. The disease damages the lungs and heart. It is an invisible disability. Under the smiling face there is  blue lips and breaths ,deep breath for the next day.The disease is not curable but with the combo therapy like a treatment, she can live for her and herfamily. Gjurgjica is one of seven people with this rare disease in Macedonia.
Gjurgjica never lit a cigarette. This is the only picture that was taken before the disease came into her life, but she never lit a cigarette.

While every day she is a struggle with smile always on her face, because most of all she wants is to live her life for her family.
If there are two drugs which are part of combination therapy  her desire will become a reality.

Today she has blue lips, shortness of breath, pain and fatigue, swelling and oxygen concentrator is her necessity. Can we change something in her life and give support in the fight for breath.