What changes pulmonary hypertension in her life?

What changes pulmonary hypertension in her life?

Her story about how she feeling:

Once upon a time I was a woman.
Woman who was walking, climbing, singing, dancing…
Later came some bad horror weather I became mermaid.

Now, I`m mermaid.

The mermaid in the sky, I can`t walk any more, I can`t breathe anymore, because I need the sea.
I live in the sky. I`ll die if I don`t find the sea, that is my home now.
I need oxygen .
Please give me the oxygen to live like a woman,
not lake a rare mermaid who is in the sky breathless.

"In my blood there is not enough oxygen '' - said Gjurgjica. with 88% oxygen breathing is  like a fish out of water. Every day struggle for oxygen, every minute afraid that my heart is too tired to work.

Irene is the name of the device with which Gjurgjica spends the day in the struggle for oxygen. There are days when there is no electricity this is the worst of everything. Tied to his jail without a charge, alone with his family every day is a struggle.

Once had a family, happiness, love. Today loved ones are fight against this together with her every single Day.
Two photos and so much words unspoken.Silent witnesses to the past without PH.
Life can be rough without reason, when there is treatment , medication but unfortunate Gjurgjica do not have that privilege to live like other PH patients in the world.