Is there a Hope for Gjurgjica to live and breath this summer...

Is there a Hope for Gjurgjica to live and breath this summer...

……It is difficult to live as a mermaid in the air.
It is difficult to squished your pride and pronounce and admit to all I am sick.
 Very  hard ...

 Gurgica Kjaeva.
From a little town Gevgelia  R. Macedonia. 
Diagnosed with Primary Pulmonary Hypertension in 2012.
 This diagnose was confirmed after a month in the clinical center in Skopje with right hearth catheterization RHC. 

Living at the bottom is hard and that living looks like: when a flower vegetates and waits it’s time for dying to come.

The spring was coming and my desire for life grew. -Gjurgica said
She made it ...after 3 years she got sildenafil for her and ph patient, but now she need combination of therapy .This disease is progressive,so waiting long for one medicament make problem in all Gjurgica condition ,now there is need for adding second drug to delay progressiveness of illness and the worse double transplantation for new lungs.
The second RHC proved that. Abnormal pulmonary  pressure 120 (normal <25).There is need for urgent add of second drug like combination.

Searching for a small light in the long blue tunnel, she meet many friends on social media, which  gave her a great hope that she can live with the Pulmonary Hypertension.
But not in circumstances where is not treated . PH patient who is with invisible disability and not having choice for hoping .