I wear her in white,shall I wear her in black !!???

The day when Gjurgjica  take my surname I was the happiest man. I put on her white. I'm still happiest husband and father. She gave me the most beautiful thing in my life, her love and our son.

We shared joy and happiness, we had bad days too. Together we passed through all the challenges from the first day.

But life known to be unfair, cruel and sick. Where am I in the story of pulmonary hypertension.Just one moment and life is changing .The only bright hope is that treatment for Gjurgjica will be the first nice thing that would give me a will next morning.I promised that on my face will always be a smile for her, to know that here by her side standing  her husband who always loved her and will always be with her, because  could be me in same position.
I will not speak about me, I will say only what it looks like our day. The kitchen already almost in full is my responsibility.

The house and care for her is my obligation. Care for Gjurgjica is my daily pleasure, when is with love nothing is difficult.
Here is our son, my pride our future violinist. And in the meantime I have to work so I can give it to acquire desired as necessary, certainly not money for us it is the cure for my Gjurgjica. And what is necessary for us. HEALTH.

I was the happiest man in the world when she dressed white, and got hope that Once have a prescription for treatment Gjurgjica will breathe again. I wake up every morning holding my breath until I assure that this night we survived. I do not know where stopped institutions and petty administration. We pray for a cure, and in return we have no any treatment.
I just want to ask those who have decided that  Gjurgjica has time  ..!!!!
DO I NEED TO dress her in BLACK. WOULD YOU SEND ME ANGELS TO BUILD NEST together with ME..I Ask you and I am not ashamed, beg and not I am not ashamed.
I am a worker, a father, a husband and wife in our house and just wish Gjurgjica to breathe beside me.