16 medications to breathe

Breathe deep, breathe with breaks slow. 
Irena helps me, she is my support in the electricity and when the power goes out I am all in tremble.
I just hope that disruption will be brief.. 
Sometimes I had many friends joined up,nowadays  I've  Irena, air conditioning and movable table with medication.
It looks like the artwork of colorful candy, cosmetics for my health in all colors of the rainbow that leads to a new sigh.

I take medication to breathe.
Breathe for his son ,for me, for my life ,for a better and hopefully morning.
I will breathe I am still  strong-willed about life, I learned to appreciate the value of life the day I lost my health.

If we want to talk...these are only words, not ashamed of who I am ,and what I am,one invisible disabled women, neither I would say ,powerless and  need of hours to tell you, can't even alone to write the text, but as long as I can take medicines I have
tray waiting to upgrade my need for second crucial  drugs that I don't have I will still breathe.
This are words of Gjurgjica she can write her text, but will always have someone beside her as possible. 
Gjurgjica inhale exhale., breathe deeply, breathe with breaks slow....
But she still breathe   ...