Mom keeps my hands I will help you...

Do you want ice cream, are you hungry mammy?
Tell me if you need something I will give you, I will help you! 
Mommy when you can come with me to the sea even for one day? 
 If I help you with daddy to help you through stairs, could you come with us? :(
:( No my dear son, mom can't come outside is too hot, the sea is an hour from here and there the air is too humid, mom this summer will not be able to come. 
But believe me if I feel better the first thing will go together to Sea!
Mom and if you have a drug could you come?
Perhaps I will be able,I don't know,when I'll get will know?
Mommy will bring you cure these days?
but you need that dug,why they didn't give you?
I do not know my son, come to kiss you and go with daddy

Go play and swim for me ...

Mommy loves you very much, you're fortunate and hope the mothers, mom is happy with you, you just be happy, and I will be.
Now go, my child.
Gjurgica Kjaeva